Most of my clients are successful professionals on the brink of retirement. They have accumulated substantial wealth in both their personal and retirement accounts.

They want these assets to provide and grow for them, while also avoiding paying unnecessary taxes. They want to work with an advisor who can help them work towards or pursue that goal.

While my clients are very good at their chosen professions, they often lack the time and expertise to effectively manage their financial affairs.

As retirement approaches, they typically all express the same three concerns:

  • Now that I am retiring, how do I plan to make these assets last my  lifetime?
  • How do I integrate both my personal and qualified retirement assets to optimize returns while minimizing taxes?
  • What strategies can I utilize to maximize the benefits these assets can provide today and also for those I care deeply about?

So what do I do for them?

  • Integrated Wealth Plan.  Together we create a plan that seeks to maximize opportunities and minimizes taxes.
  • Tax Sensitive Investment Strategy. I develop a strategy designed to help reduce their tax burden and aims to enhance their personal wealth.
  • Personal Legacy Plan.  We create a plan that is designed to allow the benefits of this wealth to align with your long term goals.

I am committed to helping my clients feel:    

  • More organized and in control of their financial affairs
  • More optimistic about their future and the opportunities this wealth could create
  • More confident that they have taken all the necessary steps to live the life of their choosing.

This information is not intended to be a substitute for sprecific individualized tax advice. we suggest that you discuss your specific tax issues with a qualified tax advisor.